Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pontiac Lake Go Get Outdoors Show

Where were you? I didn't see you in front of the south shelter facing the beach At Pontiac Lake Recreation Area.
I was parked right in front of Waterford resident Glen Uhl who brought his fishing boat- rigged to troll-out to show the public.
I had a new Hobie Outback fishing kayak loaded with fishing gear all set up and ready to drop in the water.
This was a nice little gathering that included Michigan Mountain Bike Association, Pontiac Lake Equestrian group, and others interested in sharing their knowledge or expertise about camping, fishing, hunting, using a GPS, nature and hiking and others.
One fellow that was there was "The Goose." You can read about him in this Thursday's Oakland press sports section.
Next year when this little show rolls into town, mark the date and show up. It's really a worthwhile event and not even a tank of gas for most of us.

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