Monday, June 14, 2010

Environmental issues come with drilling.

Not too long ago, a permit was requested that would allowing drilling under the AuSable River for gas.
Called directional drilling, this is thought to be a safe way to recover these gases and other minerals.
But there were and are other considerations. For instance, the drilling company would have had to cut down tees to allow heavy equipment onto the Mason Tract. This alone would have damaged soil, displaced animals, and created an eyesore to an environment that was intended to remain as it is, pretty much pristine.
Another problem was noise. Even though the drilling would be directional, there would be need for drilling apparatus to be running, making for lots of noise.
Through the efforts of The Anglers of The AuSable, Trout Unlimited and others, the permit has been denied, so far.
Look for others to try to get at it through any means necessary. It seems that whatever puts the jingle in the pockets of executives from these companies is all that matters.
Turn this around and ask whether they would like to approve a permit for directional drilling in their neighborhood, or on their street? Probably not.
With our requirements and dependence on gas and oil, don't look for exploration to stop or accidents like the current one cease.
This was and is a monumental problem that won't be solved easily.

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