Thursday, September 2, 2010

The all important bike fit

Pulling out of my relatives drive on the way to seeing the sights and smelling the roses, the Trek bike I was pedalling felt a shade too big. Never mind I thought. I'm not going far and can take minor adjustments with ease.
Because drives out here in sunny California are steep leading to the street, I was braking hard to avoid running into traffic. Perhaps a little too hard.
The next thing I knew was my balance seemed to abandon me. I couldn't believe that I was going down for the count and hadn't even got out of the drive.
That's exactly what happened. They talk of taking time to smell the roses or getting up close and personal.
I did all of the aforementioned and then some crashing into the high curb, going over the handlebars, and into my sister-in-laws rose garden.
Not only did I smell the roses but I got a good whiff of some sort of eucalyptus that hung on me well after the crash.
The moral of this story is to be sure the bike fits before riding it. By the way, this crash was so good by Los Angles standards, I even stopped traffic, at least momentarily.
And who said these mighty speedsters of the seven-lane highways don't have a heart?

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  1. I am so glad that you weren't seriously hurt. I hurt my back badly and I was standing still and fell over. So much for following doctor's orders for excerise....