Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Youth Baseball

Three days a week my wife and I are busy, thank you. We both have prior invites that keep us committeed pretty much throughout the summer.
No, it's not black tie or even casual business attire. All you need is comfortable clothes-shorts, T-shirts and sandals are in vogue-a lawn chair and a good pair of lungs to cheer with.
We are hooked on our 12-year-old grandson Joshua Checkal's baseball games. Of course, once basketball seasons hits, we follow that too.
The games are fun, exciting, and in his case, his team-players and coaches-have been together for a long time.
Now we get to kind of reap the rewards and see these kids grow. They not only are bigger, but quicker, more accurate with throws and hit the ball harder and longer.
Josh is throwing smoke when he pitches. His control can use some work but for the most part he's right on.
That comes from the numerous catching and pitching camps he's been in 0ver the winter thanks to his dad. He's enrolled in about every baseball clinic around.
In fact, he just finished up a stint in one of Clarkston's Dan Fife basketball camps. He like both sports.
We do too. Give us someone to cheer for. In fact, we pretty much know the team so we get involved.
Beats whatever show the pros are putting forth. At least our guys try and they do appreciate a little recognition and a trip for ice cream after a win.

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