Friday, December 10, 2010

Are Show deals really deals?

Tackle dealers, boat dealers and others all offer "show specials" or "special show pricing" at outdoor shows.
Before you step foot inside a show there are some things you should do. Just like a shopping list is a good way to go to the grocery store; it saves you from spending more than you would have without the list, the same is true with a fishing show.
Make a list of what you would like to see, what seminars you want to attend, and the tackle you may be interested in purchasing.
Next, go on the inter net or visit a couple of sporting goods stores to get their current pricing on tackle. That will give you a good basis go work from.
The same is true with boats. See what marine dealers are offering in terms of equipment and prices.
Often, tackle and boat manufacturers will offer special pricing either by way of adding equipment to a boat, or upgrades in tackle. These offers come from the factory and are generally good for the duration of the show.
Going to a show with a good understanding of costs will make you a better consumer.

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