Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow and cold continues in the U.K.

I know this isn't Michigan. But it's worth mentioning especially since one village near here last night recorded the coldest temperature in history for that part of the country, -19 Celsius.
When people learn we are from Michigan they automatically assume we have several feet of snow and Arctic temperatures all winter long.
Two weeks ago I attended a yoga class. It's a first for me, doing yoga with long underwear on. The room was ice cold and took most of the class to warm up.
The sub division or "estate" as they are called here has so much snow and ice, taxi service isn't available. Public transport; buses and trains, are still trying to catch up. Many trains have been stranded out in the middle of nowhere loaded with passengers.
Airports have been closed or on reduced schedules. People in snow removal businesses are working 24-7 trying to catch up.
Walking is chancy at best. Sidewalks remain snow and ice covered. The best place to walk is in the street, but traffic seldom slows down for pedestrians.
Kids are enjoying time of from school. Sleds or "sledges" as they are called here are out in abundance. Hills in the area are full of children sliding down snow-covered hills.
Some Christmas decorations are up making for festive, postcard-like images in many of the older villages.
The cold snap and snow are forecast to last for sometime. So much for global warming.

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