Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold that cuts!

Funny. You can't wait to get back home from a vacation then the weather hits. We were waiting for our flight in Atlanta to Flint when I spoke with two pilots that I thought would be flying us.
"No, we were supposed to fly to Minneapolis but the airport is closed with 16-inches of snow," one said.
Once airborne, our pilot announced the same storm was headed to Flint but he thought we would beat it.
As we landed we could hear snow/ice hitting the outsides of the windows on the aircraft. Close enough.
Our daughter in the U.K. reports everything is high and dry since we left. No snow or ice left. Oh well. guess it's that time of the season.
Little Molly likes the think snow about well enough to do her business, have a bit of a romp then back in to get wiped down before stretching out on the first available lap.
Happy winter, but do be mindful of snow removal. Hire it done with someone who has a proper plow or do it in bits.

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