Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Taking advantage of shows

Most people go to shows to eat a hot dog, walk about and dream about a boat they hope to own, ask a few questions, grab a mountain of free material and call it a day.
They are missing out on the best part of shows. All those seminars. They are absolutely free, are full of valuable information you won't get any place else, and are presented by the top people in the business.
Is that a joke? Not on your life. Why else does Show Span feature Kevin Van Dam, the worlds best bass angler as it's headline speaker?
It gives a certain validity to the show, attracts people which translates into the bottom line, and most of all for those attending, gives people a chance to see KVD up close while at the same time learning something from the best.
You can go down the list of seminar presenters. Lance Valentine of Walleye 101 is a born teacher. You see it in his presentations. So is Mark Martin who is quick with a witty comment and at the same time speaking from years of experience.
David Rose is a great, funny, and informative speaker with the ability to talk about many forms of fishing.
You will learn something from any of these speakers and others that are featured. If I were attending the Ultimate Fishing Show in Novi, I would grab a program when I entered and highlight those seminars and times I wanted to attend.
Bring a notebook and pen along to jot things down like the names and colors of baits, their sizes, and when to use them. You'll also want to copy websites down in case you care to contact presenters or follow their season.
Don't worry about taking notes word for word. Just grab the highlights or the things that are of interest to you.
Many speakers will provide free handouts about the topics they cover. Others will have outlines that are more in depth for sale at inexpensive prices.
Whatever your interest-musky to blue gills-go to the show prepared and with an open mind willing to learn something new.

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