Friday, December 17, 2010

Cold and snow make for outdoors activities

Don't forget to eat your vegetables, wear clean underwear and dress warmly. It's advice most of us at a certain age used to hear from our parents. Mine insisted on the underwear part "in case you get in an accident."
All that holds true today. But this is the time of year when SAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder-kicks in and leaves us feeling sluggish, down, and lethargic.
I've noticed it myself the past several years. Now I use one of those lights that is supposed to help boost the levels of vitamin D, the vitamin we get from sun.
Now experts tell us to get outside daily for a walk, whether the sun is out or not. Spend a good hour outdoors doing something.
That something might as well be something you enjoy. Try walking but be careful with ice covered surfaces.
I try to cross-country ski a couple times weekly-around Oakland County give Independence Oaks or one of the Metro Parks a try.
Find something you can do outdoors for a short time then get out and do it. Your body and your mind will thank you.

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