Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas shopping

Yesterday's column had to do with nearly last minute Christmas shopping along with a few suggestions.
The saying that sometimes the biggest things arrive in the smallest packages is true when shopping for the outdoors person on your list.
Often, a small bunch of different style and color ice jigs, a hand warmer, a warm pair of socks, or some of the new line made for ice fishing will put a smile on someones face.
Ice scoops are one item generally thought of one time. That's the first time you buy one. You may thing it's all you need.
But just like everything else in the sporting goods world, scoops constantly change. Some have a soft metal handle that isn't really good for thick, heavy ice, but wonderful on small lakes when panfishing through smaller holes.
Others are heavier, made of steel and even come with an ice chipper built into the handle. And handles themselves are different. Some are long, others short.
Just like buying a car, keep kicking tires as they say. If you get really down to wire with nothing to wrap then it's time for a Christmas gift card.

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  1. Truer word were never spoken Roger. Some of the gifts I have given were the small things like a collection of those ice fishing jigs. I still have a pair of wool socks my father gave me many years ago but they are saved for the memories of when we fished together in a ice shanty staring into the green water.