Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brits not accustomed to snow

There are cars in ditches, buses sliding on roads, and sidewalks calf-deep in snow with more on the way.
The English have no snow clearing abilities and little experience driving in the stuff. If you had a snow shovel concession here you could sell out in a day, retire and move to the Bahama's!
Even the several sporting clay shooting clubs nearby are silent. Usually throughout the week you can hear the sounds of shotguns being fired.
When people learn we are from Michigan they seem in awe that we live in an area that gets vast amounts of snow. How do we cope, they ask.
Of course, in the states, we generally are geared up for this sort of thing. We've got the snow removal equipment, the salt to put on roads, and probably more importantly, experience gleaned from years of snow fighting.
Out of 300 area schools better than half have shut down. Kids are out on the hillsides "sledging," as it's called here.
At home in Michigan, hunters are in the woods for muzzleloading season. Rabbit hunters are sure to be out listening to the bawl of their Beagles.
And backyard bird feeders will be busy with those colorful Cardinals along with their Chickadee friends.
Old Man Winter has barely gotten a start at home. But over here, he's about as welcome as walking in the road has become.

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