Friday, July 8, 2011

Camping can mean outdoors on the cheap

   Think about it. No motel or hotel or meal costs. You bring your own accommodations and food. If you figure you have to eat wherever you're at, then bringing food from home to prepare over a gas stove or campfire.
   If this is all new to you, that is the idea of sleeping outdoors, instead of buying equipment only to find this activity isn't for you or the family, you can rent almost everything you'll need from the state park at Holly Recreation Area.
  In fact, they put first time campers next to campground hosts who are available to help set camp up and answer any questions.
      Known as the First Time Campers program, this event is available in 18 parks around the state. For information go to
   For $20, first timers will be provided a four-person tent, tarp, camp chairs, camp stove and propane, hotdog sticks, flashlight and fishing poles. The equipment is supplied by Gander Mountain.
 You'll need food, cooler, personal items and sleeping bags. For information or to register at Holly Recreation Area call (248) 634-8811.

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  1. Thanks Roger.. Some of my fondest memories were with camping with my son and teaching him how to make a camp fire, make a whistle out of a willow branch, sharpen a knife, and not how to run up a big score on a video game.