Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Names of fishing techniques-where do they come from

   Anyone that has been around fishing is accustomed to the names given baits and presentations. But for the newcomer, the language must be confusing.
   First you conquer the style of baits indicated by their names. Lipless crankbaits, rattle traps, crankbaits, including square bills and others, spinner and buzzbaits, jigs of many names and styles (football, round head, mushroom, etc.), topwaters, spitters, spoons, and so forth.
   Then come fishing techniques with names specific as to the way a particular bait is being fished. Wacky style comes to mind right away because we have been fishing that way lately.
   But there is the drop shot, Texas style, and Carolina. They all have a purpose and are used with specific lures and baits at certain times during the fishing season.
   To avoid any and all confusion, I take a little of everything to cover all of the aforementioned styles, usually trying them all at one time or another during an outing.
   The wise angler will know what part of the season we are in then take tackle to kind of match the hatch along with a little extra for that just in case situation that invariably comes up.
   Whether you fish wacky style or with a Carolina rig you have to wonder who comes up with these names and why.
   In any event just past a spinner or is that a nightcrawler harness?

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