Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot weather looks good in months with "R" in them

   In a few months we'll be wishing we had some of this hot weather. Well maybe not quite this hot, but on the warm side of 32-degrees.
   For now, if you can't stand the heat, take a dip. That's right, head for a local lake and spend some time in your favorite chair with a good book.
   Should you work a sweat up even in those conditions, you'll be handy to the water for a quick soak then back to the book.
   We often go to Holly Rec Area and one of the beaches in the park. Sometimes we take a little supper to cook out.
   More often than not, we would rather sit and enjoy the sights and sounds along with an occassional dip in the lake.
   When it's this hot the experts warm us to do work either early in the day or late. And remember to keep those fuides up by drinking plenty of water.
   Stay safe and try to stay cool.

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