Friday, July 15, 2011

Spend quality outdoors time in your backyard

   Come on along and hang out in your backyard. It's a great place to watch and listen to all that goes on there.
   You probably are used to hearing the lawnmower, weed whacker, tiller and other yard sounds. But mixed in there are plenty of others.
   Some come from the feathered kind or birds while others come from some of the furry animals including dogs, cats, even raccoons and deer.
   Your job is simply to be quiet. Sit and listen while reading a good book. A good read will calm your nerves and force you to sit still and quietly.
   Get in the habit of carefully looking up and around every so often. You'll be amazed at what flies in or walks across your lawn.
   Better still, install a bird feeder, add some "oiler" sunflower seeds and you'll begin attracting all sorts of birds.
   This Sunday's column has to do with "staycations," or vacations that are spent at home for a variety of reasons.
   In between knocking out that work list, sit for a moment or two and observe all that you have right around you at home.

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