Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tour excites cycling in many

   Every year I look forward to watching the Tour de France. Even though I'm not sure with what it means when there is 2.5 minutes difference between the leaders and the peloton, the main group of riders, I'm still a follower.
   Heck, I would be in trouble just trying to pronounce some of the names, not to mention understanding just how this thing all works.
   For instance, apparently one rider per team seems to designated the winner whether he wins during the various stages or not.
   Other riders might win, but when it's all said and done, they won't make the podium in Paris. It will be the winner designee.
   A group of riders in a team always "come back" to help the favorite in the event he has a fall or mechanical trouble.
   What do they do when they come back? Offer moral support or what? Why can't riders continue to ride at breakneck speed without upsetting the peloton? (Announcers say they peloton keeps them in check or the peloton is slow to respond. So what!)
   Is it bad to be riding in the peloton? How do riders in the peloton get away just at the last minute to cross the finish line ahead of the rest of the pack? Why are riders allowed to draft behind team cars?
  Ah, the questions. By the way, what are those bars of food riders eat while racing. Whether you completely understand what is going on or not, it's still fun to watch and marvel at the tremendous physical conditioning of the athletes involved.

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