Friday, July 22, 2011

Kids and fishing

   A friend asked the other day what was a good way for young children fishing experience. "You're an expert and know everything about fishing," he said.
   "What kind of fish can they catch; probably perch, lake trout or walleye," he asked? First, I'm for from being an expert.
   I like to fish in just about any manner but don't even begin to think I am an expert. I don't do enough of it often enough to be any good.
   Good friends often become exasperated with me when I can't put them on fish. "You know how all of this electronics works. What should we be looking for," they might ask.
   Truth is, in a boat, I'm always at the back, away from sonars or the general operation of a boat. Therefore, I'm a passenger until the captain says "we're here. Lets start fishing."
   My best advice for youngsters is to keep it simple. A hook, bobber and a live worm work best form the dock.
   Kids love to see the bobber dancing around and young, small bluegills will give them that. Don't make the sessions too long, and remember it's about them. So don't fish. Be there to help when needed.
   You'll have as much fun as they do. Remember to bring a camera along for that first fish, or reaction of a youngster when they see a worm, help bait a hook or handle that slimy, wiggling fish.

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