Friday, July 29, 2011

When it finally rains its serious

   Suffering through sweltering heat the past couple of weeks we thought a good soaking rain was all that was needed to round out the summer season, help the flowers and veggies grow, keep the lawn green, cool us off, and keep those lake levels, well somewhat level.
   Turns out we got rain all right. Enough that serious flooding was experienced in the Tri-County area. Several small ponds in northern Oakland County were just about devoid of water.
   The rains, no matter how much were a good thing in those cases. Wet weather was no doubt welcomed by many in the wildlife world.
   But us humans had a different take. Stalled vehicles, absolutely flooded roads, flooded basements and various closings like golf courses and other outside recreation had to be cancelled.
   Another downside to these kinds of storms is the high humidity that always follows along with a fresh batch of eager-to-bite mosquitoes.
   Big enough to put saddles on, these biters are out during the day spoiling any idea of fun in the backyard. But rain, like sun, is a necessary part of the weather.
   We are glad to get it. Just not all at once and in the amounts we have experienced over the past couple of days.

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