Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kicking the can another popular saying

   These days everyone is kicking the can someplace. Do you ever notice how people, especially politicians will key in on a phrase that is popular for a year or so?
   From the president on down,l politicians seem to know a lot of people when they address crowds. Notice when they walk out they begin to point one way or another, smiling, as if in a way personalizing their appearance.  
News anchors for the past several years, have felt a need to ask the reporter in the street a follow up question to almost any story being reported. It seems as if the reporter neglected to get the full story.
   Anchors are then seen as all-knowing, being able to pull those important questions out of a hat to be asked as a follow up. Bet the reporter feels slighted in many of these instances.
   Another trend is to infer that this or that news station is the only one covering a particular story. "Only on" (name your channel), or so-and-so spoke to only (name your channel).
   All of these examples including the well worn "Breaking News" admonition seen almost every news cast, are a way of drawing us in and keeping us watching.
   Teases, those stories we are interested in, leave us with the story lead, but the meat or interesting bits are left until after the commercial break.
   These are all examples of keeping out attention and hopefully preventing us from switching stations. Another way to market news and other information in the age of technology.

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