Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th here already

   It seems not too long ago we were shivering in the cold weather. Now July 4th is here. The year seems to really have gone by quickly.
   Many people figure summer is about half over. Fall is right around the corner with winter close behind. I think that comes from the weather we had earlier when spring should have been on everyones mind.
   What spring?We didn't have much of one. Perhaps a couple nice days then the rest were cold and rainy. And that was just after coming off a long, cold winter.
   But time is a flying. Better make hay while the sun shines as the saying goes. For me, that means trying to get as much time on the water either fishing or paddling my kayak.
   That's in between the baseball games I go to when my grandson Josh's teams are playing. Lately, they seem to be scheduled every other day.
   Once baseball is done comes basketball, wrestling and track. Throughout the winter several baseball camps are scheduled along with travel baseball practice.
   Somewhere in the mix I need to do some deer scouting along with planning where I'll hunt. A large family reunion is set for early this fall which won't interfere with any of the hunting seasons for a change.
   Don't let the nice weather pass you by. Get out and experience that favorite activity you dream about when the snow flies.

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