Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Early Packing not a plus for me

   I'm known as a list maker. Make em' for all kinds of things. Give them titles then stick them in my calendar, lay them on my desk or workbench and forget about them until I get the energy to look at them. By that time they don't make any sense.
   I've tried to keep a packing list on my computer for trips. That way I just have to look at it, pack what's there and I'm all set. The trouble is, I don't follow the list. There is always some variation for whatever reason, then like an out-of-control-train, I'm off the tracks and headed in another direction.
  The outcome of that is I wind up taking more of everything but leaving essential items at home. For instance, the last trip found me in Roscommon without a cord to charge my laptop. Try finding a cord up north in a small town for a computer.
   Luckily I found a computer repair shop that had as second-hand cord that was quite reasonable to purchase.
   My reason for mentioning any of this is preparation for my upcoming fall salmon kayak fishing trip on Lake Michigan.
   First, I need to get the boat set up. I've ordered some new features for it that are slowly arriving. Once everything is here, I'll set it up. But that isn't the final step. On the water, that set up might change.
   Next is tackle. What to take for salmon, which rods, plugs, line, leader material and planer boards. I haven't gotten to my marine radio and other safety items yet.
   Then there is the tackle for other use in the event we get blown off the big lake. What to take for rivers and inland lakes?
   Clothing is another part that takes room. What to take and what to do without? And finally, what food to bring for sharing with other hungry anglers?
   I'll add to this blog later this week. But I have found that by packing early I always second guess myself wondering if I put this or that in. Then I have to unpack to be sure it's there.
   Guess it's still a bit of a last minute thing!

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