Friday, August 19, 2011

The packing list grows

   As I explained in Wednesday's blog, packing for a trip, whether with a list or on the fly presents problems for me.
   If I have part of my trip packed-rods, reels and other assorted equipment-I still need to get clothing, rain gear, safety equipment and food into the mix.
   Take clothes. I'm forever taking way too much. Sometimes I think that's why airlines have begun charging for luggage. It's due to guys like me that take everything on a two-day trip including that proverbial kitchen sink.
  This time of the year I take clothes for warm weather. Shorts, T-shirts, sandals and water shoes. But what happens if the weather gets cold up north off Sleeping Bear sandunes?
   So I add long pants, heavy socks, a vest, Polar-Tec, a couple of caps, boots, gloves, and while I'm at it, a lightweight jacket.
   It could rain so I'll need rain fishing stuff. Should I take my Frogg-Toggs, light rainsuits, or the heavier gortex for wind, cold and rain?
   How many T-shirts. Will I be going any place that might require slacks and a button down shirt? How much underwear and socks will be enough?
   Will the light sleeping bag be enough or because seasons are beginning to change should it be some of the heavier stuff?
   And so it goes. If there is a solution I don't know what it is. I try packing the very minimum then find I left things out I needed.
   If you have a suggestion send it along. In the meantime, hand me another suitcase and while you're at it, that small duffel bag. Just in case I may as well throw in....

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