Monday, August 15, 2011

Missing dominant arm a pain in lots of ways

Never has anyone looked forward to physical therapy as I have. I begin tomorrow at Accelerated Physical Therapy in Clarkston. Here's hoping they are at least as accelerated as the name seems to imply.
   Being right-handed, I'm definitely missing the full use of that hand and arm for so many things we take for granted.
   Daily activities, some very personal, are almost impossible to accomplish and using the left hand just makes things worse.
   Remember last week I commented that I would have to learn to fish differently in order to land one of those hog salmon on Lake Michigan, mid-September from my kayak.
  Several members and followers of Kayak Fish the Great will be in attendance. No doubt there will be a couple of skeptics who will show up just to see what this is all about.
   It won't take them long to catch on and get into the flow of things, trying to get one of those heavy fish to hit a bait being pulled through the water at a perfect speed using paddle power only.
   That's where I may have another problem. In the propulsion or paddling department. I can get help loading and unloading the boat but handling fish and paddling is all on me.
   That's why I'm excited to be starting PT. I just hope that excitement carries over to my therapist when she lays out the treatment plan.

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