Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feral swine-by any name they are a menace

Wild boars, feral swine, wild hogs. Whatever you choose to call them, these critters are rapidly becoming a menace and are on the "shoot" list.
   Hunters don't need to book a trip for a boar hunting trip someplace down south. We've got em' right here, sometimes in our backyards.
   Originally brought here years ago as a food source, some have escaped becoming wild. Others were imported to be hunted in private preserves.
   When it comes to breeding these animals are on a par with rabbits, breeding several times a year and producing large litters form 4-12 piglets.
   Damage to farm crops is costly. So is damage to wildlife in the form of less food to ear. Ground nesting birds are fair game for hogs as are fawns.
   The rule is if you are out hunting and see a wild hog, take it. Just notify the DNR and Department of Agriculture so they can get blood samples. Good board hunting!

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  1. With the lack of more hunters this problem will accelerate. Soon we will have to be taxed mosr to support a bounty to keep fresh produce prices in line. Will we soon see special HOG GUNS?