Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keeping mosquitoes away; always a challenge

   My son-in-law Jeff Minns is a mosquito magnet. He's fair complected and from England. I don't know if being a Brit has anything to do with it or not but if there is one mosquito in Oakland County and Jeff is visiting, he'll get bitten.
   This year when he visited with my daughter and their new little boy, Ewan, I had him try a new product called TermaCELL.
   The unit resembles a TV remote, making it compact and easy to handle. After inserting a butane cartridge and repellent disc, switch it on and the heating element starts up.
   In a few minutes it begins activation which means protection for you. The repellent, once heated, rises into the air to drive off mosquitoes.  Ten minutes later the mosquito-free-zone is established
   ThermaCELL is available as a lantern or all-purpose swivel light. There is no open flame, messy oil or lotion, and the portability makes this a must-have for camping, fishing, hunting, or just sitting in he backyard.
   Lasting 3-4 hours, the ThermaCELL also wards off black flies, and noseeums. For the most effective use, place it on the ground. That  way the repellent spreads over a larger area.
   For more information visit Jeff commented that " The ergonomics are good, the design is simple and the units are very easy to use. They are lightweight, compact and perfect for travelling/camping/hunting, etc."

  As far as effectiveness Jeff says, "I do however, genuinely feel they worked and allowed me to keep my British "blue" blood for myself.
   "In a nutshell, I would purchase these products and also recommend them to other people. Please tell the manufacturers that they saved me from a lot of itchy lumpiness and I am gratefull."
   Anything that keeps mosquitoes away we all would be grateful for. Check out the ThermaCELL products at KD Outdoors, Gander Mountain, Wal-Mart and other establishments where outdoor products are sold.

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