Monday, August 8, 2011

Rela\x, there is still plenty of summer left

   There is still lots of time to get to your favorite campground, hike a new trail or try a new fishing technique. (Like that wacky style I mentioned a couple weeks back!)
   In between, how is your tackle and hunting organization? Does it need a tune up? Mine certainly does; the organization part anyway.
   Try some peg board and hooks to hang extra plastics or lures. Hang tools that are specific to fishing or hunting up. Hopefully you'll be able to find them.
   I have been working on this on and off since the weather warmed up. It's a matter of trying something then refining it to what will work for you.
   With the annual kayak salmon fishing trip coming up, I want to be ready when the time comes to pack. Instead of guessing where my pfd is I want it in one spot so I can load it along with other gear without a lot of fuss.
   Another idea was to take a large plastic storage bin with a lid to carry most kayak fishing stuff I'll need. It's labeled "Tripper" as in a day tripper.
   It too needs refining, but it's getting close. With fall sports right around the corner, hunting clothing, guns, bows and other related items need to be found and organized in a similar way.
   That brings me to ice fishing gear and sorting all that out. So, the message is there are ways to stay busy, hang out in the garage while the weather is nice and be productive with the time you have now.
   It will pay off in the long run. Happy sorting!

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