Friday, August 12, 2011

Learning to fish all over

   The medical folks say I have a pinched nerve that is causing pain and numbness from my right shoulder, down through the arm and into my hand.
   So far, it's left me with a big loss of strength in the right hand, numbness in the hand and a couple of fingers and not much grip.
   I found myself in the emergency room at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital last night. Not being able to get any relief in any position I have tried, sleep has been difficult, and normal activities have ceased.
   Meds and a prescription to begin physical therapy are on the front burner. I hope they all do their respective jobs by mid September.
    That's when a bunch of us get together to kayak fish for salmon in Lake Michigan. The first time I heard about this kind of fishing from a yak I was hooked!
   Two years ago I went on my first trip and never had a bump. Boats all around me were continually hooking up but nothing was coming my way.
   I'm thinking I wasn't down deep enough to attract or catch them. That all should change this year with a variety of stuff to try.
   Yes, I'll use the crankbaits that go deep but will add some spoons with a weight system from Off Shore Tackle a little ahead of the lure.
   Learning to fish all over? If I do get something on the line I'm going to have to learn to fight it left handed while trying to reel right handed.
   I still haven't figured out paddling. Guess I will give that a dry run so to speak in a couple of weeks. Look out salmon! Dutch is coming.

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