Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Holding Lies," good summer reading

   The title, "Holding Lies," sets the stage for this 250-page novel by John Larison. Published by Skyhorse Publishing, as the title implies, the book centers around river fishing.
   In this case it's steelhead at a time when they ran wild and large. It's a novel in every sense with all of the twists, turns, and background that go into any good read.
   A story about a river guide that is trying to establish contact with an estranged daughter in the midst of guiding clients (sports), trying to keep a healthy respect for the ecology of the river and resource, and all the while proteting it's sevrets.
   Just before guide Hank Hazelton's now-grown duaghter comes for a visit, the guide discovers an empty  guideboat with blood smeared on the inside.
   Come along as the local sheriff begins a murder investigation that eventually directly involves Hazelton, who is considered a prime suspect.
   Painting a picture of the past where anglers took large amounts of fish to the present where older, experienced guides try to maintain what is left of the river's majesty and integrity against a backdrop of clients and guides who make a living "catching" instead of just "fishing." High Recommended.

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