Friday, July 13, 2012

Get in the woods for deer sign

Now is not too early to be in the woods looking for deer activity. Depending on who you talk to, there is either a scarcity of whitetails or they are over running Oakland County.
   The best way to find out is to verify by doing your own looking. While you're at it, because there isn't the pressure of opening day staring you in the the face, how about checking out new real-estate while you are out and about?
   A change of scenery just might put venison on the table. However, if you hunt an area where you see deer frequently count yourself as lucky and take a page from a tournament fisherman/s book.  Never leave fish to find fish.
   In this case, don't leave whitetails to find whitetails. Take this time to check areas you hunt yearly along with new territory. You might be surprised at what you might find.

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