Monday, July 2, 2012

Take a kid fly fishing-with some help

   Kip Lowrie from Rochester Hills Woodland Rivers guide service, is hosting an event in Traverse City July 14 for youngsters under 17.
   Calling it, "Take a kid fly fishing," Lowrie says each child needs to be accompanied by an adult. Teaching a family member to fly fish can be similar to teaching a relative how to drive a stick shift car. It's one of those things that might well be better left to a friendly, knowledgable instructor like Lowrie.
   For more information call (800) WET-A-NET or email Lowrie, Part of the funds from the event-25%-will be given to Trout Unlimited for their conservation programs.
   "I plan on having them fish the ponds at Ranch Rudolph for panfish," Lowrie said. Besides learning how to throw a fly, youngsters will have a course about bugs and the importance of them for fly fishing.
   They will also learn about the equipment they use and by fishing those ponds, get some on-the-water experience casting and hopefully catching.

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