Monday, July 9, 2012

What a difference ten degrees makes

   It's actually more like 20 degrees in addition to the high humidity and heat index that as been out of sight. I like it warm-like 70-degrees or so warm-but not 100-+.
   Now, I feel like doing something outside like weeding a neglected garden, making a huge effort to get the garage clean, and ready a kayak for the upcoming Salmon Slam coming up in September.
   As I write this, it's 66-degrees and cool with no wind. Great topwater time. With lakes flat in the morning or afternoon, that's one of the first baits I have tied on and go to. I'll follow that up with a spinnerbait then on to soft plastics.
   You can see how tackle can rapidly take over the limited storage in a fishing kayak. That's why I try to be effective in the baits I choose, constantly refining them, and sorting ones out I don't think will work.
   Of course it never fails. Once on the water, the plus and colors I have don' produce.  But the angler next to me is having a lot of success.
   "Don't you have a size 32, juggerwatzit in blue and white," he'll say. Either I don't even own one or the one I have is at home in that cluttered garage.
   No matter what you do, it seems you can' win. But it sure is fun trying.

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