Monday, July 23, 2012

Thoughts of salmon slam

   The annual Kayak Fish The Great Lakes annual Salmon Slam is set for September 6. Kayak anglers will muster in and near Glen Arbor in northern Michigan, there to fish the waters of Lake Michigan for coho and Chinook salmon.
   Made up of kayak fishing enthusiasts, this event is strictly for paddle only power. Of course others not associated with this group will be inn very close proximity trolling for fish on the way to local streams to deposit eggs.
   It's at this time of the year-the fall-when salmon gather to make the migration into these streams. While there are still in Lake Michigan, or the big lake as locals call it, they will hit trolled spoons and crankbaits.
   Fishing from a kayak, anglers must pay careful attention to the weather. Not too much wind can kick up waves large enough to make kayak fishing dangerous.
   The thrill of hooking into one of these large fish draws anglers from around the state and elsewhere.
Many are making the beginnings of preparations for the event, even this early.

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