Friday, July 6, 2012

Keeping cool-difficult in 100 degree temps

   We're cautioned to take it easy and not to exert much energy during these days of extreme heat. Just standing around seems to be enough exertion of energy to brings out the sweat on most of us.
   Your best bet is to stay indoors if you have air conditioning. Absent A/C, I like to go into the basement which always remains cool.
   Keep the fluid intake up. Water is still considered the best form of hydration. If you have access to a lake or pool by all means take advantage of the cooling effects of water.
   Spending time outdoors around water bring with it another worry. Sunburn. Be sure and lather up with a good sunscreen, the higher the protectant number the better, and re-apply it so long as you remain outside.
   This definitely isn't the correct temperature to be bailing hay, putting a roof on or doing anything else outdoor that is physically taxing.
   Instead, relax and try to stay cool.

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