Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tackle transportation in a kayak

   You would think most kayak anglers have gone back in time when it comes to the way they carry tackle.
   Instead of the traditional tackle boxes and bags that nearly everyone uses these days, yak anglers tend to be a different breed using things they have lying around the house or garage.
   One item is a milk crate or similar receptacle available at some hardware stores or office supply stores.
Crates provide enough space for a couple of trickle trays-more if you are inclined-make attaching a hand-held radio simple, and allow for extra rods to be transported.
   No matter what you use to transport equipment, remember that you are on the water in a kayak and therefore susceptible to the elements more so than say in a Ranger bass boat or deep V Lund.
   That means that all of this equipment needs to be secured to the boat in the event you tip over. Deciding what to take is just one of the considerations.
   Seeing to it that nothing goes overboard is another. Happy kayak angling.

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