Monday, July 16, 2012

No let up with heat and sun

   Saturday, I spent several hours watching a double header tournament games at Bicentennial Park in Grand Blanc.
   With several games going on from all over the state, the place was packed. Concessions, souvenirs of all descriptions and prices ranges met athletes, coaches, and spectators as they arrived and found the field their team would be playing on.
   But it's the tents, umbrellas and other devices used to create shade that caught my eye. From large, pavilion type covers to individual roofs that hang on the back of a lawn chair, or just plain umbrella's, everyone was trying to get a bit of shade.
   A couple of moms mentioned they were feeling dizzy and moved from the fierce sun to the shelter one of these sun roofs provided.
   With no wind or other means of shade, the heat drove some back to parking lots and the comfort of their vehicles air conditioning.
   The people that were feeling dizzy had consumed water prior to the event and during it but apparently not enough. The move to shade helped along with consuming additional fluids.
   Caution outside is still the watchword during these very hot days. Even if you are in good physical, heat can affect you.
   Use caution with activities outside, drink before during and after being outdoors, and dress in light colored clothing.

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