Friday, October 19, 2012

Belle Isle-More than improvements needed readers say

   Today's blog is about improvements and the management of the island park by the sate DNR parks division.
   I still feel it's one of those no brainer decisions that the city should take advantage of, get behind and support any way it can.
   But as long time professional walleye angler Andy Kuffer points out there is more to improving the image of Detroit than a clean Belle Isle.
   He argues that the crime and murder rate are high. "Roger; in one recent 15 day period there were 32 murders and 120 shootings in Detroit. They need to clean up the violence 1st. Nothing will make me want to visit Belle Isle."
   That sentiment is true of a lot of folks. The cleaning up, care and upkeep of Belle Isle is just one part of a image problem the city must overcome if it wants to impress outsiders and make them feel comfortable about participating in what the city has to offer.
   I hear more and more people say they feel comfortable at sporting events and usually make an evening out of a game by enjoying dinner at one of Detroit's eateries.
   But there are still those that don't care to venture into the city preferring to stay put in the suburbs. "This is not just a problem for Detroit either," Kuffer concluded.

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