Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall-Great time to visit Metroparks

   The Huron-Valley Metroparks have something for everyone to do, enjoy or participate in. Bird watchers for one group will find these feathered creatures in the Metroparks either storing up for the upcoming winter months or stopping by on their trip to a warmer wintering area.
   Hiking and biking aren't the only activities practiced on paved paths. Roller bladers also known as in-line skaters take to these paths in ever increasing numbers. Remember, bikers and skaters are required to wear safety gear, especially helmets, per park rules.
   Instead of driving north to view colors, head to the closest Metropark and enjoy a fall color tour. Pack a picnic or something to cook and make a day of it.
   Another way to enjoy these parks is by paddling in and through them or boating. For instances, Heavner Camoe and Kayak rentals in the Proud Lake Area have been providing paddling enthusiast with boats for yeas.
   Paddle from the livery out into the slow-moving Huron River and into Kensington Metropark or make arrangements to be picked up in downtown Milford after a leisurely paddle.
   Even golfers trying to get that last round in will find the Metroparks a good bet for an enjoyable round with beautiful fall colors as a backdrop.
   For more information on Metropark activities visit Enjoy your Metropark visit.

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