Friday, October 26, 2012

EHD numbers on the rise

   The DNR's recently report that 29 counties have had deer discovered with EHD, a virus that affects deer herds.
   Carried by a tiny insect similar in size to the no-seeums, the insect is active until the first hard frost which kills it.
   Signs of infected deer include being unafraid of humans, and being found dead either in or near water.
   This disease is more prevalent in the southern and western states. Besides Michigan, the states of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin are reporting an increased number of dead deer due to EHD.
   Officials feel the mild winter last year along with a warm summer have had an impact allowing the disease-carrying bugs to survive and become more prevalent this year.
   Hunters in the field will probably encounter more deer with the disease so numbers could increase before stabilizing.
   If you find a dead deer, notify the DNR at any of it's field officers. For more information read this Sunday's column in the Oakland Press sports section.

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