Friday, October 5, 2012

Richard P. Smith "Walks with Whitetails"

   Richard P. Smith, Marquette, Michigan based award winning outdoor writer and photographer has recently released a new DVD, "Walking with Whitetails."
   The 90-minute video features footage Smith has taken over an eight year period of time in which he gained the trust of a whitetail doe that eventually led to him following and photographing this whitetail and her family.
   Smith, also known as Michigan's big game expert for his work with bears, elk and deer says he learned a lot from this experience.
   You'll learn more about food sources than you thought you knew. Watch does feed fawns and how they interact with other does.
   Antler development and rubs are photographed. Why do some bucks thrash their racks in bushes? Are antlers the same size for every buck raised by the same doe? When do fawns lose their spots and do they ever return to their mothers at a later age?
   You'll watch and listen as Smith narrates while filming many of these behaviors as well as others.
For more information read my column in this Sunday's Oakland Press.
  To purchase "Walking with Whitetails," or any of Smith's books, visit  Facebook

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  1. Roger I read your posts every day and think the Oakland Press should have more Outdoor articles and columns. Your doing an excellent job.