Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get to a range for firearm sight in before Nov. 15

   Without ever having seen a survey or any official word, I'll bet the majority of deer hunters don't take advantage of shooting ranges prior to hitting the woods for the annual firearms deer opener, November 15.
   No doubt most hunters come out of the woods after deer hunting, maybe wipe the exterior of the gun off, unload it and put it in it's case. Then it's put in a gun safe of other place personal firearms are stored until the season rolls around again.
   If that describes your deer hunting program you've got time yet before this year's opener to get to a range, go over your firearm, and run a few rounds through it.
   This helps you get familiar with you gun, and most importantly, allows you to shoot it in an area designed to be a safe place to shoot. Besides, you'll be able to find out soon if you can actually hit what you are shooting at.
   A minor sight adjustment, perhaps the addition of a recoil pad on the stock or some other inexpensive fix will make all the difference in your shooting.
   Besides, it will force you to run some patches down the barrel, inspect the interior and exterior for sings of rust and maybe determine if you really need the addition of a scope or not.
   For more information on shooting contact the Oakland County Sportsmen's Club at (248) 623-0444 or read my column this Sunday in the Oakland Press.

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