Wednesday, October 17, 2012

State Parks will improve a suffering Belle Isle

    There's no doubt about it. Belle Isle is in dire straights and definitely can use the help of the State DNR Parks Division for several reasons.
   First on the list would be to get the place cleaned up. Right now you don' want your kids playing in playgrounds where the sand is dirt and includes broken glass, chicken bones and other assorted debris people have thought fit to throw there instead of properly disposing of it.
   While I'm on that subject, often the answer to proper trash disposal centers around overflowing trash bins. I that's the case then take your trash out with you to be disposed of when you arrive home.
   Next, is the water around the island. It too is loaded with broken shards of glass, tin cans, beer bottles and all the rest. It too needs a good going over before any tiny toes are immersed in the water.
   Park equipment; picnic tables, and play equipment will require a closer inspection to be sure they are absolutely safe before the public uses them.
   The buildings are another problem. Many are in a sad shape of disrepair. Restrooms seem to be non-existent. Ones that were operational have been trashed and vandalized.
   The benefits to having a viable, clean park are not only for the safe use of the public but the message it sends to others that things are improving downtown.
   Then there is the financial advantages to having a nice, clean Belle Isle. People from other parts of southeast Michigan will include it on their list of places to recreate.
   That means more people downtown spending dollars on gas, food, lodging and other commodities. This is definitely a win for Detroit and a great opportunity to improve the cities image.

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