Monday, October 8, 2012

Bow season-do you wait or get going?

    There are hunters that wait and hunters so excited to get in the woods they are out there October 1. Anyone that has bow hunted probably has their favorite time of the season to be in the woods.
   I always like to go early. That's because of the cool, even cold mornings, then when the sun comes up, those warming afternoons.
   Most of the nuisance bugs are done for the year. And you can watch squirrels, chipmunks and other animals busy storing up food for winter.
   But hunting early has a problem associated with it. Most leaves are still on trees making it difficult to see very far. It's something that I came to accept a long time ago.
   There are those that hunt early but won't take a shot instead waiting for that nice rack  to wander by. That could take nearly the entire season unless prior scouting has alerted them to a buck in the area.
   Those that wait do so because of those pesky leaves. Most will have fallen later in October. There may be more hunters in the woods then which helps keep deer moving around.
   Colder weather may be a factor that makes bucks active by rubbing and making scrapes in preparation for the annual rut.
   Whether you wait or not, bow season is one of the great ones to be outdoors whether you get a shot or not.;postID=5814111020590426996

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