Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deer racks-Just wondering who see's the large ones

   So far this year, several deer hunters have contacted the Oakland Press about nice deer with quality-size racks they have taken.
   Three of the individuals were young girls barely in their teens. The deer were mostly 8-points. That's a nice, round number when it comes to counting points on a deer.
   This brings to mind a couple of different stories that left me scratching my head. The first took place near Davisburg on public land.
   A hunter I know pulled over to the side of the road, grabbed his bow and headed into the woods. No prior scouting, no deer sign and no evidence of other hunters in the area.
   In about 45 minutes he arrowed a 6-point that had walked very near to him. As memory serves me, probably about an 18-yard shot.
   "How did you know to hunt that area," I asked him. "I had a feeling and it just looked like a good spot," was the answer.
   Similar circumstances fell to a hunter that was hunting within sight of Grange Hall Road in Groveland, part of the Holly Recreation Area.
   He left his truck parked on the gravel shoulder during the morning hours of the opener, Nov., 15 one year.
   I saw him dragging out a six or eight point; can't remember which. Later conversation revealed that he had just walked to the stump and sat down when the buck presented itself.
   I guess some people are good hunters while the rest are just plan lucky.

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