Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall clean up, bird feeders, all preps for winter

   HUDDERSFIELD, UK-Fenay Bridge is a small area next door to Huddersfield. In the sub or "estate" as they say here where our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren live, people are making preparations for the winter months.
   No doubt, many in southeastern Michigan are doing the same thing. Besides putting the garden to bed, doing he weeding and necessary pruning and trimming, hoses need to be gathered up. Now is a good time to wipe them down before coiling them up, draining then putting them inside for the winter.
   Clean those garden tools of dirt and other debris. Put a coating of oil on shovels, hoes and the like. Locate your bird feeders. If you didn't put them away clean, do it now so birds don't contract any disease.
   Find a mouse free way to store bird seed. We use sunflower oilers all year and store them in a clean, metal garbage can with a good fitting lid.
   We also clean the bird bath out and store it so no moisture accumulates that could freeze and break the bath.
   Some of these things I was able to do before leaving for this trip. But when we return, I'll have a lot left to take care of before I can get in the woods for some hunting.

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