Monday, December 10, 2012

Bird feeding-Great winter activity

   Already there have been more birds at our feeders than have shown up in several months. And the snow hasn't hit the ground yet.
   For some reason, a good snow attracts birds to backyard feeders. If there is a snowstorm, more than a few show up.
   They must think it's the time to stock up on whatever food is available because of the storm. Whatever the reason, they are a joy to watch, especially with the whit of the snow as a backdrop.
   Of course, Mr. and Mrs. squirrel need to put in their two cents worth. They come hopping along the snow, alert to everything around them, but keyed in on the feeder that has attracted birds.
   Our two sunflower feeders are somewhat squirrel proof. But what feeder is totally anti squirrel? Ours allows for the weight of birds on the perches, to feed as much as they want.
   But the weight of a bushy tail pulls the feeder down so it covers up the feeding holes, thereby frustrating squirrels.
   Some will hang around trying to figure a way around the closed off feeding holes. Eventually they get to where they can knock the feeder off it's hook and onto the ground.
   Once on the ground and not swinging about, the squirrel can feed with hardly any problem. It's at this point that some take it a step further and chew the feeder until they cut through the plastic, making a sizable hole, all the better to eat through.
   Sunflower seeds, the oiler variety, have been our choice for many years and never fail to attract all sorts and colors of birds. Give bird feeding a try. It's a pleasure and joy to be inside a warm house watching these feathered creatures hanging out, enjoying a quick meal.
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