Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas-still rushing?

   Now that Christmas is over the after-the-holidays sales begin. Returns for the wrong size or color received as gifts will be another high priority chore bringing that many more people to malls and retailers.
   I would expect shoppers to be out in numbers returning, exchanging or cashing in. So much for the crowds and all the rush.
   Personally, I received a lot more than I gave. Isn't that the way it usually goes? But if you're one who donated time, merchandise or money to a worthwhile charity or person needing a hand, your giving will bring you more than you'll ever know.
   It won't be in the form of nicely wrapped gifts or the newest in gadgets. No, it will be more personal like inner satisfaction and peace, and knowing you did something, however small it may seem, for someone in need.
   That's a great feeling to have and one to be experienced not only at Christmas but throughout the year.
   A pro athlete interviewed recently said that on awakening each day he tries to think about something positive he can do during the day for a stranger, always with the thought of making life a little easier.
   Whether he reaches that goal or not isn't important. The importance comes from the mere fact of thinking of others and trying to do something in a positive way for them.
   That can't help but make it a better day.

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