Monday, December 24, 2012

The night before the night before!

   I'm writing this Sunday evening in order to have it ready to go by tomorrow, Christmas Eve. Time could become scarce around home with a lot of last minute chores to get out of the way.
   We have come up with our own traditions for Christmas over the yeas.  Even though three of our four children live out of the country, we still maintain them.
   Christmas Eve day I try to help my wife in the kitchen with the menial things like chopping and keeping ahead with dish washing.
   She's a great cook and pretty particular about how things are done. That's why she prefers doing it by herself.
   She'll make the best cheese ball in the world-actually several as she gives some away- great meatballs,  
and a couple of dips.
   Usually we are in church for the 11p.m. service. We like to go then because of the carolling and the way the church looks decorated, with just candle light.
    Returning home, we have our snacks then it's time for Santa to come. Finally, we are off to bed. These days we can sleep in with no little ones to wake us up early.
   Christmas day is a leisure time beginning with homemade breakfast pie, homemade coffee cake and lots of flavored coffee.
   When grandson Josh arrives, it's time to see what Santa left. Later, we'll have a traditional dinner to put a final touch to a wonderful day.
   Even though our small grandchildren aren't here, we maintain the same traditions. Should they come for Christmas, not much would change other than getting up earlier.
   With all the changes in our present day and time, it's nice to form traditions within families that last. Even our kids take some of ours and some of their own to start their own traditions.
   Whatever your preference, be sure and include all of the family. It's a great time of the year for everyone to be close.

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