Monday, December 17, 2012

Holidays not so much with school shooting

   Even though we live a long distance from Connecticut the senseless shooting at the elementary school has had an affect on us.
   I'm a little more somber. I keep thinking of those little children, scared and huddled alone in a classroom. It's just breathtaking but not in a good way.
   You wonder who will be the idiot to do something to top this latest tragedy. Hopefully that person won't surface. But there's already speculation by some that this kind of thing puts ideas in the wrong peoples heads.
   What was the reason for such brutality? Why did it happen? What can be done to prevent future incidents of this nature?
   No one knows the answer to these and other questions. The one person that would know is dead. As far as what can be done to prevent future incidents, it sounds like this school had done everything it could to have a safe environment.
   Sometimes, no matter what the safeguards are, people figure out a way to get by them. If you pray, now would be a good time to remember those little children and their families. Especially in this most holy of seasons.

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