Friday, December 21, 2012

Relieve shoulder pain with Rotator Reliever

   A little over a year ago I had surgery to fix a badly torn rotator cuff. There wasn't much left to fix so surgery didn't work. Rather, it left me in pain most of the time and limited use of my right arm.
   Aggressive physical therapy helped get some range of motion back. In the meantime I had 4 more surgeries; 3 to clean out the infection that came about right after the initial surgery, then a fourth to clean scar tissue out and manually manipulate my shoulder.
   This operation seemed to help by giving me back some range. However, that was short lived. And the pain was still there. The next step would be a reverse shoulder replacement.
   Since I haven't had a lot of success with surgeries having suffered infections with the last three I decided to live with what I have.
   A few months ago I was introduced to Mike Carroll, M.D. Carroll has a family practice in Traverse City and is himself a person who has had shoulder pain and limited use.
   He's come up with a program that involves simple, light exercises that take about 5 minutes a day. The program is based on twirling a wighted ball through 4 different positions. The balls are numbered 1-4 so you can't go wrong.
   Each ball is twirled thirty five times in one direction, then thirty five in the opposite. Repeat this for 10 days then move up to he next ball until all have been used. The entire exercise plan takes 45 days.
   I'm at day sixteen and am beginning to notice differences. I don't have near the pain except if I reach a certain way and that is even getting better. And I think the muscles are beginning to get stronger.
   That's all according to the programs design to concentrate and work on the muscles around the shoulder joint.
   If you experience shoulder pain to the extent I have which hasn't allowed me to shoot a bow or my shotgun, then visit for more information or call Mike Carroll at (231) 392-6705.

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  1. This is good news Roger. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.