Friday, December 7, 2012

Shopping done? That's today's question

   Everywhere you go people are asking the same thing. Is your shopping done? Mine hasn't started but thanks to my wife, most of it is covered.
   This Sunday's column has to do with some suggestions as gifts for those that enjoy the outdoors. One thought about gifts is don't get too carried away with things like long guns, rods and reels or bows.
   Most people have a definite idea as to what they are looking for in these areas. And if they don't know what they would like, it's a good bet that they would prefer to go and personally see what's available.
   What is appealing to one person won't move the needle for another. It's like beauty, all in the eye of the beholder.
   Stay safe with things like ice fishing jigs, hard or soft baits for soft water fishing, perhaps a fanny pack that can be used in conjunction with hunting, a good pair of gloves or mitts, and maybe a flannel or chamois shirt for cold weather use.
   Now all you have to do is get out to a sporting goods store and see what's available. And if nothing else works, get a gift certificate. You can't go wrong. Happy shopping!

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